Military Care Packages

Hi Everyone,

Let’s Support our active Military men and women in the field with care packages.
Listed below are the items they are needing help with.  Help us to support our troops.
Since we have sold out of Raffle tickets… we are still taking donations of items for care packages.  Also money will be accepted for cost in shipping and handling packages
If you would like to donate items such as:
protein bars;
face wipes;
girl scout cookies;
trail mix;
fingernail clippers;
powered Gatorade Mixes to mix with water;
MIO for purified water (I am asking about this one)
deodorizers for rooms (to smell good);
small things of deodorant; chex snack mix; peanuts; almonds ….snacks with protein etc.
Let’s bless our Military this season. DUE DATE for items is Nov. 22nd 2015.
Contact Lyndy Key for more information.

Thanksgiving Food Drive

Thanksgiving is a special time to share a family meal. We can help families in our own area. We need non-perishable food items and Donations increments of $25.00 to purchase meals for family’s that don’t Cook and to purchase Hams and Turkeys to provide the makings for a Thanksgiving meal for families in need in our area. All donations need to be brought to the church by November 22nd.

Precooked meals from Kroger’s are $49.99 you can give money to donate a whole meal or donate a portion of one.
Below is a grocery store list of suggested items. Consider getting an item in each category for a family of four or buying several items in one category:
Canned Vegetables (Green Beans, Refried Beans, Black Beans, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, White Potatoes, Squash, Greens, etc.)
Boxed Potatoes and Rice (Mashed, Scalloped, White – Brown – Yellow Rice, Boxes or Bags)
Boxed Pasta Mixes (Macaroni, Mac-n-Cheese)
Boxed or Bagged Stuffing Mixes(Cornbread, Herb, Plain, Bags/Boxes)
Boxes of Baking Goods (Cake Mixes, Brownies, Pie makings)
Cans of Gravy (Turkey, Chicken)
Cans of Fruit (Apple, Cranberry, Cranberry Sauce, Pineapple, Applesauce, etc.)