Faithful Hearts Quilting Day

It wasn’t about Quilting:
Thoughts from a few of the lady’s that attended:
A Marathon quilting session was scheduled on Saturday, August 16, 2014. Our goal was to complete a quilt in one day. We only completed 4 Squares. The quilting is for our ladies at Common Ground and our Community. Yes there was quilting but as each lady left, they all  agreed: “This wasn’t about quilting at All; It was a day full of Praise and Worship; It was a day of getting to know each other. It was a day of scripture, friends, food and above all, a day to pray and exalt our God on High.” AND IT WAS FUN!
We will be scheduling another date in the future to work on the quilt and fellowship, so why not plan on attending. Don’t worry if you can’t sew, remember…it’s not just about Quilting.
Special thanks go out to Pastor Lynn Kemp for delivering our supplies, Stacy Nicks who has sewn and cared for this quilt,thanks to all the ladies that sewed and provided the quilt squares. and to Elder Sully Swinnea, for the beautiful flowers, but most of all, for his blessings and words of encouragement over the ladies that attended the quilting.
Sincerely, Lyndy A Key
I was not so sure about the “Quilting Day”…I don’t sew much less quilt!  And once I got the in-service on the non-threading needle, it was a piece of cake…LOL! But like Lyndy said, it was not about quilting.  It was about fellowship with my Christian Sisters and building a bond with these ladies.  I felt so at peace and rejuvenated when I left that day; listening to the ladies devotionals/testimonies on the scriptures was inspiring; praising and singing to our Lord; and just getting to talk with these ladies, showed me that some of the things I struggle with are things that other women struggle with as well.  I had a blast and look forward to finishing 12 MORE squares!!!  And thank you to Stacy for the YUMMY homemade ice cream 🙂
Lots of Love- Jenny Haynie
What a wonderful way to share Gods word;”Looking forward to next time”, and thanks to all.
Love, Anita Burr
I think that this is well said.  To new beginnings at CGCC!!  I was blessed.
Sharon L.  Nolan
Wow!  What a fun day.  It was not what I had expected.  Twelve ladies showed up to learn to quilt.  Our sewing skills aren’t too great but the fellowship was priceless.  We each had a verse from one of the quilt blocks that we shared with each other.  Some of us just read the verse and shared what it had meant to us.  Others researched, read and studied their verse and shared how God had used that very verse that week in their life. We sang, we laughed, we cried, we prayed and God surely blessed each person there.  I can’t wait for the next time we “quilt”. I have eleven new friends.